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Who are AECC and what do we do?

AECC is an international non-profit scientific association of European companies making technologies for engine exhaust emissions control.

The members of AECC are companies operating worldwide in the research, development, testing and manufacture of key technologies for emissions control.

Their products are the ceramic and metallic substrates for catalysts and filters; autocatalysts (substrates with catalytic materials incorporated or coated); adsorbers; filter-based technologies to control particulate emissions from diesel and Direct Injection petrol engines; and speciality materials incorporated into the catalytic converter or filter.

Catalyst-equipped cars were first introduced in the USA in 1974 but only appeared on European roads in 1985 and in 1993 legislation forced their use on cars. Now more than 275 million of the world's 700 million cars and over 85% of all new cars produced worldwide are equipped with autocatalysts. Catalytic converters and filters are also fitted to heavy-duty vehicles, motorcycles and non-road engines and vehicles.

What are the emission control technologies?

Exhaust gas contains carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). The main technologies used to treat exhaust to remove harmful gases and particles are:

  • autocatalysts
  • adsorbers (traps)
  • filters
  • There are more details on the technology pages.


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