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The role of AECC

AECC (the Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst) is the international, Brussels-based association of European companies making emissions control technologies for engine exhaust and was first set up in 1978. We are a non-profit organisation with a scientific purpose.

The members of AECC are companies operating worldwide in the research, development, testing and manufacture of key technologies for emissions control. Their products are the ceramic and metallic substrates for catalysts and filters; catalysts (substrates with catalytic materials incorporated or coated); adsorbers; filter-based technologies to control engine particulate emissions; and speciality materials incorporated into the catalyst or filter.

AECC members’ technology is integrated into the exhaust emissions control systems of cars, commercial vehicles, buses, motorcycles and construction equipment in Europe. It is increasingly being used in railway locomotives and railcars, ships and inland waterway vessels and pleasure craft. Systems suitable for retrofitting to most types of existing engines are also available.

The principal objectives of the Association are:


the use of state-of-the-art technologies for the control of harmful emissions from mobile sources


information concerning laws and regulations, safety and environmental concerns, and studies relating to vehicle exhaust emissions or methods for their control


the harmonisation of technical standards, test procedures and safety regulations


scientific research programmes related to the objectives of the Association and disseminate the results at conferences and in scientific publications

Members of AECC


AECC has been registered in the European Transparency Register since 2011, with identification number 78711786419-61.
AECC is a non-governmental organisation in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.

The 2023 AECC President is Dr Stefan Fischer, NGK Europe GmbH
The 2023 AECC Vice-President is Ms Rebecca Lawman, Johnson Matthey PLC

Our Team

Dirk Bosteels

Executive Director

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Joachim Demuynck

Technical and Scientific Manager

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Guy Tremayne



The Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst AECC

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The Association for Emissions Control by Catalyst AECC (AISBL) is located at

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