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27 September 2022

AECC-IPA Euro 7 technical seminar and driving event

AECC jointly with the International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA), hosted a technical seminar and an ultra-low emission driving event on Euro 7 for representatives from the Member States, Eu...
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07 September 2020

How can the emissions control industry support the European Green Deal?

15 February 2021

How can we better control emissions from heavy-duty vehicles in their daily operation?

23 February 2021

How can we further reduce the impact of gasoline vehicles on  air quality?

12 January 2022

How can we further reduce the impact of gasoline vehicles on climate change?

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#Euro7 will implement for the first time a Real Driving Emissions framework for trucks.

Swift adoption of #Euro7 standards is key to further improve European #airquality. Let’s keep working together towards a robust #Euro7.

AECC position on #Euro7 at https://lnkd.in/gaku7qqk

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