AECC demonstrates its future-proof diesel car in Brussels

03 July 2019

AECC hosted an event in Brussels for representatives from the European Commission, Member States, NGOs, academia and others to experience first-hand the ultra-low NOx emissions from the AECC/IAV/IPA diesel demonstrator car.

Guests were given the opportunity to ride in the car, driven by an IAV representative and accompanied by an AECC member. The car, with its emissions control system adapted during a rigorous technical programme, was driven on a route selected to be representative of urban driving. Real-time emissions were shown on an iPad, with AECC members and staff on hand to explain how emissions were being controlled by each section of the aftertreatment system.

While they were at the event but not in the car, guests were able to speak with AECC members and staff about the demonstrator vehicle and view a presentation with videos. This gave them more in-depth understanding of the work that had been carried out and results achieved.

The near-zero emissions demonstrate that diesel is future-proof and capable of achieving even lower emissions in future.
The videos that visualise the emissions reduction from engine-out to tailpipe are available to view on the AECC YouTube channel:

City driving
Rural driving
Motorway driving

A fact-sheet is available here.