AECC-IPA Euro 7 technical seminar and driving event

27 September 2022

AECC jointly with the International Platinum Group Metals Association (IPA), hosted a technical seminar and an ultra-low emission driving event on Euro 7 for representatives from the Member States, European Commission, European Parliament, UN, NGOs and others. It was held at the Autoworld Museum, in the heart of the European Quartier, close to the European Commission and the European Council.

After the introductory remarks by AECC and IPA, AECC presented the latest data from the AECC-IPA light- and heavy-duty demonstration vehicles. The attendants had the opportunity to discuss the latest emissions test data obtained over a wide range of driving conditions. The AECC presentations were followed by a presentation from Dr P. Dilara, Clean Vehicles Team Leader, EC DG GROW, where the Euro 7 emission standards proposal development was introduced. The presentation showed publicly for the first time the policy options evaluated by the European Commission within the Euro 7 Impact Assessment. Finally, a panel about ‘Euro 7, an Opportunity for Innovation and Just Transition’ including key representatives from the European Commission, ACEA, FIA and AECC was held.

The event showcased the three AECC-IPA demonstrator vehicles. Participants were given the opportunity to be driven around Brussels’ European quarter in one of the demonstrator cars whilst directly witnessing ultra-low tailpipe emissions in real time. The vehicles were driven by IAV representatives which explained the emissions control system implemented on the vehicles and the NOx emission performance during the drive. The demonstrator truck was displayed and FEV representatives were present at the vehicle to explain the emission control system implemented.

During the coffee break and lunch, guests were able to speak with AECC members and staff about the emission control technologies included in the light-duty demonstrator vehicles as display models of the light-duty emission control systems were available at the AECC exhibition stand. Similarly, AECC’s partner CEFIC Automotive Grade Urea group stand explained the attendants about the need to have the best urea quality to be used within the catalysts.

A document with an overview of replies to the most frequently asked questions during the technical seminar, driving event and networking can be accessed here.

The agenda of the Euro 7 technical seminar as well as the presentations can be found below:



Registration & Welcome Coffee


AECC-IPA Welcome and Introductory Remarks

  • Mr Dirk Bosteels – AECC Executive Director and
  • Mr Benny Oeyen – Head of Market Development, Anglo American Ltd.

Euro 7 Emissions Standards

  • Dr Panagiota Dilara – Clean Vehicles Team Leader, EC DG GROW
    on Sustainable Mobility Legislative Framework and Euro 7 Proposal

Coffee Break


AECC-IPA Ultra-low Emissions Light-duty Demo Vehicles – Data Analysis in view of Euro 7

  • Dr Joachim Demuynck – Scientific and Technical Manager, AECC

AECC-IPA Ultra-low Emissions Heavy-duty Demo Vehicle – Data Analysis in view of Euro 7

  • Dr Pablo Mendoza Villafuerte – EU Technical Affairs Manager, AECC

Euro 7, an Opportunity for Innovation and Just Transition – Panel Debate

  • Dr Panagiota Dilara – Clean Vehicles Team Leader, EC DG GROW
  • Mr Francois Wakenhut – Head of Unit, Clean Air & Urban Policy, EC DG ENV
  • Dr Paul Greening – Emissions & Fuels Director, ACEA
  • Ms Laurianne Krid – Director General, FIA Region I
  • Mr Dirk Bosteels – Executive Director, AECC

Closing Remarks

  • Mr Dirk Bosteels – AECC Executive Director

Networking Lunch & Driving Event

  • Experience first-hand the ultra-low emissions from the demonstrator cars

End of Driving Event


More information on the AECC light- and heavy-duty demonstrator vehicles can be found here.

The videos that visualise the emissions reduction from engine-out to tailpipe are available to view on the AECC YouTube channel.